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When I talk to people about my volunteer experience


czech out my friend’s tumblr! she’s an incredibly talented artist and is in LOVE with Slam Dunk! 

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czech out my friend’s tumblr! she’s an incredibly talented artist and is in LOVE with Slam Dunk! 


My younger sister had her senior photos taken last Saturday. I did her makeup and styled her outfits. Regrettably, I can’t take anymore credit than that :P 


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So… I may have coerced my little sister into creating a food blog with me. 

and… she may not have been as interested as I had hoped. =___=

Either way, I’m hoping to keep this going as long as my interest is there— and my interest in food has never waned before! PLUS… I currently have her swanky camera in possession. Well, at least until Saturday. 

Calling to all friends who read my blog: if you’re interested in taking artsy fartsy photos of your caloric intake and writing a short blurb on it, message me! I really want to keep this going >.< 

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Treat your ears right. Listen to this track.

Lovebump by Weirddough

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My Jewelmint piece arrived! Plus, I got it on a mondo sale~ 60% off AND buy one get one free! It pays off to be super nit-picky and stingy ^^ (Taken with Instagram)

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My Jewelmint piece arrived! Plus, I got it on a mondo sale~ 60% off AND buy one get one free! It pays off to be super nit-picky and stingy ^^ (Taken with Instagram)

Anonymous: It's Logan. I'm too lazy to sign in. I just want you to know that I continue to read your tumblr religiously. And it always puts a huge smile on my face. If you know the number of times I've showed my friends stuff that you've posted or reposted it on facebook. Love always!

Aw, thanks for that ^^ I was really lazy about posting for awhile haha. Hope you’re doing well, and know that 99% of the posts are practically addressed to you anyway <3 

so… about ideal study locations

I consider myself a nomadic student. When it comes to studying, I’m not the type who can find an ideal study location and stay there. No, I’m the prissy type; the type who “uses” a certain study location a few times, grows tired of it, and leaves, books in tow, in search of another place to inhabit. 

I began with the university libraries. If you did not notice the first time, I would like re-emphasize my use of the plural form: I began with the university libraries. You name it, I’ve been there: the main library, the health science library, the chemistry library, the math and science library, the theology library. Each library has its own merits, but I, being the ever-picky student, manage to find a small but fatal flaw in each of them. The main library has too many of my friends/ acquaintances. Whether I stay at the main floors or waste away in the stacks, someone always manages to find me and tempt me away with promises of food or a “must-see” cat video.  The health science library is a painful reminder of my upcoming MCAT exam. The chemistry library contains too many memories of my Quant. Analytical course. The math and science library is too far away from free parking. And the theology library is too dark, too creaky (the floorboards) and far too irrelevant from the books I lug around and scatter across its mahogany desks; also, I feel alienated from the scholarly looking curators and grad students who simply have to place their books on styrofoam wedges in order to read. Please… 

As for my apartment, I’ve long ago realized that my dorm room is no place to study. There are far too many distractions. My bed, gently calling me to sleep beneath its covers. My laundry, dishes, general mess, nagging me to procrastinate with something deceptively “productive.” The Internet, the most dreadful monster of them all, unrestricted, now that the public’s eye is blind to the contents of my laptop screen. I simply cannot study there— I’m too weak. 

Starbucks— of course. The haven for privileged university students, post grads, and even the occasional individual, lucky enough to have a “real job.” Sadly, I have long exhausted this wonderful study location. During the school year, I frequented several Starbucks locations within the proximity with a slightly worrisome regularity; I have a Gold Card to show for it. 

Caribou Coffee is another location I had exhausted during the school year. Though I preferred Starbucks for its beverages and my possession of a Starbucks Card, I would frequent Caribou from time to time. I enjoyed the semi-hipster atmosphere, as each shop possessed rugged (or, more so, rugged style) furnishings, a particularly indie playlist and a plethora of coffee puns printed on their napkins, mugs, etc. Also, there seemed to be at least one bearded barista at every Caribou location I have ever visited. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan. 

So where do I go, you ask? Exactly which place do I choose to honor with my incessant sighs, panicked phone calls to my mother and my obnoxious Princeton Review books I must simply tote around with me at all times? 

Today, I studied at Whole Foods. Yes, you read it right— that semi-organic grocery, Whole Foods. After purchasing my ticket to sucking up the free internet and booth seating for nearly three hours my Illy coffee, I settled down in the cafe area and studied— and yes, it was productive! The noise levels were low enough, the internet was fast enough, and there were just enough watchful eyes on my screen to ensure minimal tumblr/ youtube-ing. I did just enough work to justify my goofing off for what has now been— yes, 3 hours worth of Detective Conan episodes. Completely worth it, and well-deserved. 

Also, this post served as practice for the MCAT writing section. I think that calls for a bubble bath. 

Problem of the Day

I had to write “adjust” on a few DVDs and my hand would write down an “o” at the end. each and every time. pure reflex. 

ohmigod. really?

  • what makes you beautiful 
  • piano
  • people using things in unconventional ways.

that happens to be a combination of my greatest loves. kudos to you, piano guys. that made my day.